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Why Redstone CrossFit?

Redstone CrossFit was created with one goal in mind: to provide a supportive, inclusive atmosphere to help people achieve the best version of themselves. We are the people's CrossFit gym. We enable our members to become better than they were yesterday. We also give back to the community through charity work to benefit veteran groups and other worthy causes.  

Our value proposition is simple: we offer the best workouts and atmosphere for your dollar. Functional fitness classes, and CrossFit in particular, are meant to be conducted in a certain manner. Relatively small classes, individual attention, performance-based workout programing, and an inclusive community. We are not like a traditional "globo-gym."  And we are not like your average CrossFit affiliate. Although we have plenty of space and equipment, our class sizes are capped. What does that mean for our athletes? Attention. Support. Feedback. Results.

Redstone CrossFit is not in the business of cramming as many members as we can into our gym. We'd much rather have a dedicated group of athletes committed to achieving true fitness. Our trainers are vested in your health. You are guaranteed to receive proper instruction and feedback on every workout (WOD) we perform.

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CrossFit, Personal Training, Barbell Club and Nutrition Consulting

Redstone CrossFit offers a variety of fitness programs to meet anyone's needs. Programs include group CrossFit classes, private personal training, BodyFit classes, and the Olympic lifting (Oly) classes

We only program workouts that our trainers have done in advance. That allows us to know what works and what doesn't. No matter if you are an experienced CrossFitter or brand new, our trainers are able to scale and/or modify workouts as needed. We also know how long a WOD will take and what effect it will have on our athletes taken in conjunction with the programming as a whole. Other gyms have their trainers on a separate or "competition" program. Unfortunately, that leaves them unaware as to how their members should be performing on any given day. If the workout is too short or too long or too easy we adapt prior to implementation.

We incorporate pure strength sessions, metabolic conditioning workouts, and longer duration endurance efforts. Our BodyFit classes for newer members or those looking for CrossFit-style workouts without the barbell.

Our workouts are intense and they produce results. We are entirely satisfied if you give 100% effort. You should only be satisfied if you receive 100% in return. Try us to experience functional fitness the way it was meant to be.

Photo credit: Robert Kemp

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