Redstone Happenings

  • Closing out the month of June

    You all have done a great job with the June running challenge! You've already topped the 100,000 m goal we set for you, which means - coach/owner burpees! There will be 1 required burpee for every 1 km (i.e. 1000 m) over 100,000 m that you run between now and June 30th; currently, coaches and owners are set to do 37 burpees each. Let's see how many more you can cram in over the remaining 4.5 days!

    Schedule over the next week+

    • OLY basics will be held this Saturday at 10 am. This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to become more comfortable with barbell movements.
    • The summer nutrition challenge ends on Saturday at 10 am - less than a week left for those of you who participated!
    • July 4th - we will host an open gym session from 8-10 am for those interested in getting in a WOD before celebrating the good ol' U.S. of A with food, drink, and fireworks!

    Want a free FitAid or Kill Cliff? Make the switch to automatic EFT (electronic funds transfer) debit instead of using a credit card for your monthly membership fees!

    Apologies for the delay on the final stages of our gym construction. The doors that the contractor ordered for the bathroom, kids' room, and office were not the correct size (thus the funny door situation with the bathroom right now - if it's closed, assume someone is in there!). Doors that will fit are currently being custom-made and we hope to have them ASAP! Air conditioning in the kids' room and office should be up and running this week sometime. Thank you for your patience! We're nearly there!

    And finally, kudos to Vanessa for getting her first kick-up handstand on the wall this week! Keep up the hard work and dedication to your health and fitness goals!

  • The Incline & Other Things

    On Saturday morning at 7am, some intrepid and mostly-awake Restonians started up nearly a mile of stairs, gaining almost 2,000 feet in elevation. Welcome to the Manitou Incline Trail. Even with our burning legs and pounding hearts, we had a great time and found our smiles again by the time we reached the top!

    Next Saturday (June 24th, 7am-12pm), consider signing up for the Danny Dietz Foundation Memorial Workout at Littleton Public Stadium! The event honors the heroes we lost 12 years ago during Operation Red Wings. The competition can be done Rx or Modified and includes an obstacle course!

    This week's shout-outs: To Charles for running so much before and after the WODs (as part of the 100,000 meter goal for June) to ensure that our coaches will be doing quite a lot of burpees at the end of the month! And to Dania who has been doing CrossFit with us for the last year and is now doing so well that she was able to stop her blood pressure medications!

    Finally, BodyFit attendees: this week we will be adding running to our 'strength and skill' work. Plan to be timed for 200, 400, and 800 meter runs on Monday during the scheduled BodyFit WOD. We'll be re-testing everyone in about 6 weeks!

  • Community Bike Ride to Breckenridge Brewery

    On Saturday, some of Redstone's members and coaches took to the South Platte River trail on their bikes for a sunny ride up to Breckenridge Brewery. The path was beautiful, the food and drinks were more than satisfying, and the company, as always, was exemplary!

    Next Saturday, join us for a trek up the Manitou Incline - your legs will be on fire but the view is spectacular!

    Also, if you are planning on joining us for the paddleboarding WOD on July 22nd, please confirm on the facebook events page or with Cindy Cribley. The cost to reserve a paddleboard is $25 per person. We do need this payment in cash as soon as possible in order to ensure that the rental company does not run out! Please let us know if you have any questions!

    Let's keep this summer of 2017 rolling!

  • 80's WOD Party

    80's WOD party was a success! Even IPA enjoyed dressing up as wonder woman and Beth McBroom took the crown for the hula-hoop contest. Way to go Beth!

  • Murph 2017

    A big shout out to everyone who came out for the Murph Challenge on Saturday morning! 32 athletes accepted the challenge and you all did a great job. Thank you for coming out and displaying, once again, what makes the Redstone CF community so great (hint: it's all of you!). We will have our regular Monday class schedule tomorrow (Memorial Day), so come out an join us if you want to start putting those sore muscles to work again!

  • 5 Days Until Murph!

    Only 5 days until Murph! This week's programming is intended to keep you fairly fresh for this event. The 7:30 am WOD time is full but there are still about 5 slots open at 9 am and more at 10:30 am. Please sign up for a WOD time if you have not done so already. There is also still time to officially sign up and donate to the LT Michael P Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, you just won't get your t-shirt until after the event. Be sure to come down and join us for this annual fundraiser! Breakfast burritos will be provided but be sure to BYOB!

    We started our nutrition challenge for the summer on Saturday. A nutritionist joined our participants and assisted them in better understanding the do's and don'ts of healthy eating. Good luck everyone!

    Also coming up soon: 80's WOD party ! On June 2nd, get your best 80's garb together and join us for epic tunes and a hula-hoop contest!

  • What's Up

    Welcome to the third week of May! Over the weekend, several Redstonians teamed up for the Spartan Race at Fort Carson. Congratulations to Adam, Alex, Cindy, Scott, and Wade for conquering the course!

    We are now less than two weeks away from The Murph Challenge 2017, so once again - if you haven't already registered, please follow this link and do so. (Please note: You do not have to Rx Murph in order to register. It's all about supporting the scholarship foundation and LT Michael P. Murphy's legacy!) After the WOD on May 27th, stick around for breakfast burritos and some social time with our fantastic community.

    KidFit is in session every Monday and Thursday evening and those kiddos are having a great time! Our Teen Summer Conditioning program will also be starting at the beginning of June. Please refer to our Schedule page for more information or ask a coach!

    A few more events/programs you may want to check out:

    Our summer kick-off WOD on June 2nd: 80's WOD Party

    New Nutrition Challenge for this summer starts soon! Please see the flyer at the gym for more information.

    Mark your calendars! Paddleboarding WOD July 22nd

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