Redstone Happenings

  • Mark your calendars, order some swag, and catch up on a few reminders

    Hello Redstonians! We have a few events you will all want to mark down on your calendars:

    • Women's Only - Yoga and Wine Class. October 26th. 7 p.m. Bring a bottle of wine to share. Cheese, fruit, and yoga will be provided!
    • The Great Pumpkin Haul. October 28th. 9:50 a.m. for the Redstone Crossfit team.
    • Halloween. October 31st. All day! Every WOD! Wear your costume to the WOD - why? Because it's fun and is only 'not weird' once a year!
    • Veteran's Day. November 11th. 8 & 9 a.m. WODs. We'll have a special Veteran's Day WOD and serve breakfast burritos and coffee! More details to come in the following weeks.
    • Project Helping's PB&J for homeless in Denver. December 17th. 10:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Register here.

    SWAG! You only have 1 WEEK left to place your order for RCF gear. Check out your options and place your order here

    Reminders: Please make sure you are using ZenPlanner to reserve your place in class! We do limit class sizes to 15 people and reserving ahead of time guarantees your spot. It also allows your coach to anticipate what the needs of the class and each athlete might be ahead of time, facilitating a smooth WOD experience for all. Similarly, please do not reserve if you are not likely to make it to class - again, this is a courtesy for your coach as well as your fellow RCF'ers.

    Safety reminders: Kids need to remain in the kids' room during WODs - this is for their safety and is absolutely essential when heavy weights and barbells are in use! Please remind your kiddos of your expectations for their behavior while they are at the gym. Dog owners - we love having our four-legged babies at the gym, but be sure to keep them on a leash for their safety. Furry friends are also not allowed in the kids' room (we want to keep this room allergy-friendly!).

    Shout-outs: Tammi K. PR'ed her clean and jerk by 10 pounds! If you see her, tell her congrats! And keep working towards those individual goals and personal records!

  • Quick reminder - Wednesday at 6pm!

    Just a quick reminder that since OLY class wrapped up its latest 8-week course last week, that means that classes on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. will go back to being the regular daily CF WOD!

  • Snow, Yoga, October, Swag, and Shout-Outs

    Since there could be snow tomorrow, please note that snow removal for our parking lot takes place at 6 a.m. - this means that on snowy days, we need any 5 a.m. class attendees to park on the street. It's unlikely that this will start tomorrow, but, especially in Colorado, you never know!

    Yoga this week: There will be no class on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday this week. Yoga classes will resume per our normal schedule on Tuesday, October 17th.

    October Challenge: Rather than set up another gym-wide challenge this month, we opted to encourage each of you to work towards your own personal goals. The white-board at the far end of the gym has room for you to write down your goal for the month - it always helps to share your goals and have everyone cheering you on! Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the goals section of the chalkboard for anything you may have written down earlier in the year (only 3 months left to work towards achieving those 2017 goals!).

    You asked for gym swag, we give you: GYM SWAG! Take a look at your options here – and be sure to order in the next 2 weeks to ensure that you make the order/shipping deadline.

    Shout-outs: To Hayden for getting his first (2!) bar muscle-ups this week! Also to the OLY class for completing the 8-week course and achieving some great PR's this week!

  • Tuesday greetings

    Park WOD photo from Sept. 30th

    Upcoming events: 

    • The Great Pumpkin Haul, Saturday, October 28th. Celebrate fall and Halloween - register now if you haven't already!
    • Ready to set goals for the spring? Redstone has a team for the Ft. Carson Spartan Sprint on May 6th! Registration cost: $79. Team name: Redstone Crossfit

    Suggestions from the suggestion box:

    1. "Swag - Tee Shirts & Hoodies" - will order very soon!
    2. "Hook on door for clothes. In bathroom" - no problem!
    3. "paper towel holder?" - yes! bought a new one

    Keep the suggestions coming and see you at the gym!

  • Park WOD tomorrow (9/30) - location change

    The park WOD tomorrow (Saturday) morning will be held at Marcy Park (link to google map). This is a change from our previous WODs and announcement. Hope to see everyone there!
  • This week...

    A couple reminders for this week:

    • This week's Tuesday and Thursday noon class will be from 12:30-1:30 pm. If you'd prefer to use that time for your own fitness goals/pursuits (open gym), that is also an option available to you!
    • This week's Double Under Challenge goal is: 8,000 DUs! So make sure we get a strong start to the week (Monday!) and stay strong to the end in order to reach the gym goal. Get a few DUs in before or after your workouts and add your count to the board!

    It's going to be a great week! Will see you at the box!

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