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  • Toys for Tots & a Quick Schedule Update

    Another big thank you to everyone who came out for the Naughty or Nice event this past Saturday! With your help, we collected a heaping pile of donations for Toys for Tots. Your generosity always amazes us and we hope you had a good time and got in a great workout!

    Schedule update: Since our 6-week challenge has come to a close, our WOD times are all returning to normal. Here are the changes you should note:

    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 9:30 am WOD
    • Monday/Wednesday: 7:00 pm WOD

    We'll see you at the gym this week!

  • Events, Shout-outs, and TOYS!!!


    When?   This Saturday, December 9th. WOD times at 8 and 9 a.m.
    What?   A WOD to serve local families and children.
    What you need to do:   Go online and register! It is free! If you want a t-shirt, the fee is $35 and proceeds benefit the Faith Rx'd local and global mission.
    And finally:   Bring a new toy to the WOD as your 'entrance fee.' We will be donating all toys to Toys for Tots.
    Please RSVP on Facebook and let us know if we will be seeing you on Saturday morning. Let's get into the holiday spirit with a little giving and likely more than a little sweating!

    SWAG - It's finally in! We apologize for the manufacturing delays, but your orders have arrived in time for the holidays. Pick up your order at a WOD this week. We do have a few spare shirts, so if you missed your opportunity during the order period, ask a coach to see if we have your size in stock!

    Denver Rescue Mission: Serve a Meal: This morning a group of members helped prepare and serve a Sunday meal at the Denver Rescue Mission. We appreciate everyone who donated part of his/her Sunday for this service opportunity! We definitely have the most generous members!

    Shout-outs: Not only did we meet our November rowing and non-perishable items goal, we surpassed it! We finished at 216,500 meters. Thank you to everyone who rowed and donated items to SECOR. We successfully filled our bin and are able to give back back to families in need. THANK YOU!!!

    Lost-or-Found Bin: At the beginning of 2018, we will be donating everything in this box - so be sure to take a look in the next few weeks to make sure you aren't missing any important gear, cups, coats, etc...

    Quick courtesy note: At the end of a WOD, please do not start putting away your own equipment until everyone has finished. We are a community and we want to see everyone supporting one another all the way to the end of each workout. So leave that barbell on the ground and instead shout out a cheer and some encouragement to your fellow classmates!

    And finally, you've all probably noticed the new gym 'toy' - our very own peg board! We have a few items still to rearrange before we allow everyone to use it ad lib, but it will be soon! When it is time for you to give it a go, please have a 'spotter' available to make sure you do not fall and hit your head. Also, only go as high as you are confident in getting back down safely! In the meantime, work on that upper body and abdominal strength and stability - you're going to need it!

  • It seems a little much for "Baby it's cold outside"

    Naughty or Nice happens in 2 weeks. Please join us on December 9th for this charity event. Check out the facebook event page for more details and go to the Naughty or Nice website to register now! Our chosen charity is Toys for Tots - so bring along a toy donation as your ''buy-in' for the WOD!

    The Denver Rescue Mission: Serve a Meal event is all full. Thank you to everyone who will be helping with lunch service and cleaning at the Denver Rescue Mission's emergency facility for the homeless! What a great way for us to give back to our community this holiday season!

    Speaking of giving back - our November rowing/giving challenge continues for another 4 days! Hop on that rower and/or bring in those donations for SECOR (see previous post for list of donation items). We're close to reaching that 200,000 meter goal - let's stay strong until the end and finish above expectations!

    We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're looking forward to seeing all of you back in the gym this week. Tis the season for family and friends - and you'll find both at Redstone Crossfit!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    This week's holiday necessitates a few changes in our schedule; here's what you need to know:

    • There will be NO CLASSES held on Thursday - stay home, participate in one of the many local 5Ks or other races, and enjoy the time with family!
    • On Friday, we will not hold any formal CF classes but we will have open gym from 10-12 am; so feel free to stop by and start working off some of those calories from your turkey dinners!
    • Our regular schedule will resume on Saturday morning.

    There are 10 days left in our November rowing/donation challenge! Let's keep up with both so we reach our goal for meters rowed and show our community how much we care!

    Less than 3 weeks until RCF hosts Naughty or Nice. On December 9th, we invite you all to an event aimed at serving local children and families. You can participate by registering online and then either donating a gift at the event or donating $35 online by purchasing the Naughty or Nice t-shirt. Hope to see everyone on the 9th!

    Hoping everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

    We are very thankful for all of you!

  • Looking for food donations this holiday season!

    Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came out for our Veteran's Day / Member Appreciation event on Saturday! It was a fun event centered on a great purpose!

    There are not any new events this week, but here are some things we want everyone to keep in mind:

    -The November rowing/donation challenge continues! You've completed 70,000 meters out of the goal of 200,000 thus far. Keep up the good work! We'd also love to start seeing the food donations for SECOR start rolling in; for your convenience, we've posted the list of acceptable donation items below. Help us feed the needy this holiday season!

    -RCF will be hosting the Naughty or Nice event on Saturday, December 9th. This is a global event aimed at serving local children and families. Please check out the website and participate by: 1) registering with our gym AND donating a gift on the 9th, or 2) registering for $35 and receiving a Naughty or Nice t-shirt or tank! We're looking forward to this and hope you are too!

    Finally - congratulations to all of you who PR'ed this week during our one-rep-max lifts this week! We love seeing all of your hard work pay off; and if you didn't ring the gong when you PR'ed, feel free to catch up with that this week!

  • Sign-Up Sheet for Saturday's Veteran's Day WODs Posted

    Hello all! There is now a sign-up sheet posted in the gym for the Veteran's Day / Member Appreciation WODs this Saturday. Please take a moment to sign up for either the 9 or 10 am WOD times this week. If you are bringing a guest, please sign him/her up as well. If you won't be at the gym before Saturday morning, send us an e-mail and we'll get you on the list. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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