Jared is the head coach and a co-owner of RCF who is passionate about helping others. He has been a teacher and a coach of various sports for over 10 years. He enjoys helping others achieve their goals and appreciates being a part of other people's journeys. He has had many influential coaches in his life and wants to pay it forward to anyone who walks through the doors of RCF. As a coach he is always trying to learn new ways of explaining different movements and techniques because he understands that no two athletes are alike. He is also big on training the mind. He believes that a strong mind and positive outlook on life is the key to achieving many obstacles in life. 

Outside of the gym Jared enjoys his family, friends, music (especially the Foo Fighters), food,the Indianapolis Colts, brewing (both coffee and beer ;) disc golf, hiking, and pretty much anything else outdoors). If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jared enjoys helping others and if he does not know the answer he is always looking to learn something new.


Britt is a native of Minnesota, where she grew up running track and riding horses. Britt graduated from Argosy University with an Associate's degree in Veterinary Technology and works full-time as a certified vet tech specializing in horses at Iron Horse Equine Medical & Surgical Services in Elizabeth, CO.

Britt always admired fit, strong-looking women but didn't know what to do to achieve their well-toned physique for herself. While she always enjoyed running, it wasn't until Britt met her fiance and he introduced her to weightlifting that she got bit by the iron bug. Britt was first exposed to CrossFit in 2013 when she watched the CrossFit games. A few months later Redstone CrossFit opened their doors and the rest is history.  Britt obtained her Level 1 certification in January 2015 and started coaching at RCF shortly after. Outside of CrossFit, Britt enjoys riding her horses Phantom and Cal. 


Matt, coach, grew up in a small town in southern New Mexico where he participated in sports and various other recreational activities. He joined the Army right out of high school, where he served in combat operations as an infantry paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. Although Matt was active in high school, the Army tested his fitness by pushing him to improve his endurance, strength, and mental fortitude. Even today Matt continues to improve his endurance, strength, and mental fortitude – just now it is through CrossFit.

Matt started his CrossFit journey with Redstone CrossFit in June of 2014, and has not looked back. He has since become a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and has been coaching at RCF since May of 2016.

When Matt is not coaching, he spends his time working for the Department of the Interior and enjoying life with his wife Kim. He enjoys playing sports as well as watching them. Matt is always ready for a cold drink and good football game…and pizza (shh).


Jess, coach and co-owner, is from San Antonio, Texas and has also lived in Houston, TX and St. Louis, MO.  She graduated with a degree in Psychology from Texas Tech University.  Her husband's job has moved them around a bit but in August of 2015 they moved to Colorado because they fell in love with Colorado.  Jess is a mom of two young children and it is important to her that her kids value an active healthy lifestyle that will allow them to explore and accomplish their future goals.  

Before CrossFit Jess enjoyed yoga, cycling, and kick boxing to keep fit.  CrossFit was never something she saw her self doing.  In February of 2015, after some major convincing by her husband she went to her first foundations class in a CrossFit box in St. Louis.  She was instantly inspired seeing so many strong women and a group of people that were working out and cheering for each other like they were a team. Before CrossFit Jess always felt like she worked out to be skinny, but shortly after starting CrossFit her focus shifted to becoming stronger, faster and more capable. CrossFit changed her view of health and fitness completely.  Within the first 6 months of her CrossFit journey she knew she wanted to learn as much as she could; she became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer in order to share CrossFit with others.

When Jess is not at the box she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, hiking, skiing, and exploring Colorado.


Stacy is originally from Indiana where she played basketball and tennis at the collegiate level. She has always been involved in athletics including over 10 years of experience in coaching team sports and a degree in Recreation Management.

After college Stacy found it hard to transition from competitive sports into working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After having 2 kids and trying every workout fad on the market she still could not find a fitness program that would keep her interest...until she tried CrossFit. She truly believes that CrossFit is the best way to train for an all around better quality of life. She has an enormous passion that CrossFit is for everyone no matter their age, gender, or fitness level.

When Stacy is not at the gym she is spending time with her husband Jared and 2 kids, coaching organized sports, and enjoying Colorado.


Hayden was born in Ohio and moved to Colorado when he was six years old. He grew up playing every sport imaginable. As the years passed, soccer and ice hockey became the two sports he was most passionate about. He played as a goalie in both sports and enjoyed the pressure and challenge of the position. After high school he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. He studied Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Quality Control. Today, he works at Lockheed Martin as a NDT technician. 

Hayden has always enjoyed working out but found the regular routine of corporate gyms boring and unmotivating. It was in November of 2015 when he discovered Redstone CrossFit and ever since then he has become more and more addicted to the sport. The group atmosphere and community aspect of the gym is something that he enjoys. Working out around others has pushed him to new highs and he wants everyone to feel that. He just recently acquired his Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and has enjoyed coaching and helping others become the best version of themselves. In his free time, he loves exploring the great outdoors, hiking, camping and hunting.  As well as playing some ice hockey and grabbing a few drinks at one of the many local breweries.