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This is a great ARTICLE AND VIDEO about the “Deep Bodyweight Squat” courtesy of Stack.com. Here is a small excerpt:

“You work your butt off. You run hard, you lift hard, you train hard. You eat right. You sleep right. But what if I told you that no matter how hard you work, you can’t possibly reach your full potential until you master one exercise? And this exercise looks deceptively simple—it requires no weight and no equipment. Toddlers can make it look like a piece of cake.”
“Essentially, if you’re only training the top range of motion of your Squat, you’re only training half of the motor patterns. Weller says, “When it comes time to get that extra range of motion, on the field, on the court, in the gym, wherever, you’re going to have to break positioning. So if when you squat deeply you have to roll your knees or your ankles or do whatever weird thing, you’re training your body to do that. So now you’re training for dysfunction in mobility.” Quite simply, if you practice this position off the field, your body will be ready for it on the field.”
Author: Brandon Hall

Also check out this ARTICLE from the Huffington Post about the benefits of deep squats. Get after that full range of motion HRCF!!! Here is a small excerpt:

“Some people will naturally have better mobility and stability than others. That’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to strength training, and why for some of us deep squats aren’t on the table. Nonetheless, they’re worth aiming for: Deep squats are an incredibly valuable tool to build strength and lose body fat, and the steps we’ve outlined are holistic — better mobility, posture, strength and flexibility will benefit every aspect of your fitness.”
Author: Nick English