April 30th Update

We had an absolute blast celebrating our one year anniversary with our members and their loved ones. Thank you to everyone for a great year. One party down, many more to go!

Spartan Race

On May 6th a team of Redstone Spartans will be taking on the Spartan Sprint down in Ft. Carson, Colorado. The sprint will be a 3-5 mile course with 20-23 obstacles. Typically, the race course map will be release the day before the event which will tell us the exact distance and amount of obstacles. See link to register under team name Redstone CrossFit

HTTPS://WWW.SPARTAN.COM/EN/RACE/DETAIL/3267/OVERVIEW?FILTER=SPRINT. Have other questions before registering? See Cindy for more details.

Gym Bike Ride

Join us on June 2nd at 11:00 am to bike 10 miles! We will meet at Reynolds Landing on Santa Fe, located behind Breckenridge Brewery. We will 5 ride miles north and turn around to head back with the option to stop at St. Patricks brewery for a beverage and some lawn games. Don’t let the distance scare you! This is a fun, easy ride.


2nd Annual Battle of the Boxes

On June 23rd we will battle it out with our local CrossFit community with one partner style WOD. Pick a partner of your choice that will be in the same division (RX or Scaled) and M/M or F/F with a cost of $50/team. Shirts will be available for purchase for $25 a piece. Redstone will be providing breakfast items such as burritos, kodiak cakes and bananas. Warm-ups will be self led so be sure to come at least 15 minutes before your heat time to get in the prescribed warm-up. Important date reminders for this event:

MAY 30th: T-shirt pre-order deadline and payment due to Redstone

JUNE 15th: Registration and payment deadline for the WOD due to Redstone 

Wondering what the workout is going to be? Here are some of the movements you can expect to see:




Box Jump Overs

Rope Climbs





+1 surprise movement



Ring Rows

Box Step-Overs

Rope Pull-Ups



Medball Front Squats

+1 surprise movement

Paddle Boarding

Join us for our 3rd trip to the Gravel Pond located inside Chatfield State Park! We will meet at 10:00 am sharp to sign waivers, get gear, and go over basic paddle instruction with 5280 Paddle Sports. The cost is $30 and we have the board rentals for 2 hours. RSVP as soon as possible as we will only have access to 20 boards.