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About Us

Why Redstone CrossFit?

Redstone CrossFit helps people become the best version of themselves. We provide amazing workouts through a variety of class offerings. We are invested in each member by giving individual attention specific to his/her goals. We are the people’s CrossFit gym.

Redstone CrossFit is not in the business of cramming as many members as we can into our gym. We’d much rather have a dedicated group of athletes committed to achieving true fitness. Our coaches are vested in your health. You are guaranteed to receive proper instruction and feedback on every WOD we perform.

Our Programs

RCF offers a variety of fitness programs to meet everyone’s needs. Options include group CrossFit classes, Olympic lifting classes, BodyFit classes, and 6 Week Fitness Challenges.

We truly believe CrossFit is for everyone at any stage of life, ability and fitness level.

We do all our programming for classes in house to meet the needs of our current members. We incorporate pure strength sessions, metabolic conditioning workouts, and longer duration endurance efforts.

Our workouts are intense and they produce results. We will coach you through each class and get you an amazing workout weather you are new to fitness or a former competitive athlete.  Try us to experience functional fitness the way it was meant to be.