Chiropractic Care


Our focus is to diagnose, address and correct these pressures, subluxations and misalignments of the spine to address underlying issues of dysfunction ranging from the nerves and muscles to organs, tissues and even cellular problems. Chiropractic works to actively correct these issues by conducting complete and thorough analysis and adjustments of the spine, to restore the incredible natural healing abilities of the human body.


Torque release technique is a specialized adjustment chiropractic technique that can correct subluxation or spinal misalignments in a gentle and non-invasive means. This supports the overall goal of chiropractic care, to build on and encourage the body’s ability to naturally heal injuries and illness, and better adapt to the stresses of daily life.

SEMG-Muscle and Nerve Assessment The SEMG technology is utilized to pick out how much the muscle is working to keep you upright. It captures an image of your muscle structure which is then broken down into color categories ranging from white (normal) to black (severe muscle spasms). The image captured depicts muscle spasms and imbalances along the spine.


We have partnered with Awaken Chiropractic to ensure full body and health for our athletes. All adjustments will be in house, at the box. The sign-up sheet is sent out weekly to our members to reserve their spot and to speak with the chiropractor about any health issues or concerns they may have.


Dr. Alex Willard is the owner and operator of Awaken Chiropractic located in Parker. He believes in the whole body approach to obtain optimal fitness not only in the box but outside of it as well. Dr. Alex graduated from Life Chiropractic college in Marietta, Georgia where he specialized in the TRT approach. When he is not adjusting patients, he is out exploring all that Colorado has to offer with his girlfriend whom are avid Spartan racers.