Jess Elizondo

Jess Elizondo

Owner & Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

About Coach

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and have lived in Colorado for 7+ years now. I have two kids with my husband Noé, Grace our Goldendoodle, and a cat named Katrick. CrossFit is one of my favorite activities and when I say the workout is "fun" it is because I mean it! Outside of CrossFit, I love to ski, hike, travel, and enjoy time with my family.

Turning Point

Health and fitness are a huge part of my life and CrossFit really changed the way I perceive health. I have to admit that most of my life I was in a battle with my self-image and was always trying to be skinnier. Noé started CrossFit before me and I very clearly remember the day he told me he signed me up to try it too. I reluctantly went into my first Intro to CrossFit class and I saw a mostly female class before mine lifting heavy weights and doing pull-ups. I was in awe of what they were doing and thought there is no way I can do that but I want to try. I was all in right away. We started to dial in our nutrition and work on skills when we had time. I quickly forgot about being skinny because being strong and capable felt so much better. Three months into CrossFit I got my first pull-up and decided that day my goal was to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. I knew early on wanted to share with others that they could be strong and capable at any age or fitness level.

Motivation & Passion

I care about the amazing Redstone community we have created. I want everyone to walk into the gym and feel like it is their home, their place to not be judged or stressed but to be able to take 1 hour of their day to do something great for themselves. I truly believe the mental, physical and emotional benefits of working through hard or uncomfortable situations in a group setting can be life-changing. The amazing community of people at Redstone and my family are the biggest reason I do what I do.

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