Coach Amber spent most of her childhood in the Bay Area, California, most of her college career in France, and then found a passion for skin and has been lead esthetician at AURA and the Spa at AURA in Littleton since 2012.

Amber moved to Colorado in 2009 and has been training at a CrossFit gym since 2014. She loves how Crossfit is programmable for all ages and fitness levels, and she enjoys the strong community at the box. Amber is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer along with a StrongFirst SFG1 certified kettlebell instructor. She believes in the balance of training, nutrition and rest; though with a kid, she has not figured out how to integrate sleep into her routine. Her passion lies in building impeccable form and training for a stronger and healthier tomorrow, and she trusts in mental training and visualization both in and out of the box.

She joined Redstone CrossFit in September 2019 after trying one class and falling in love with the community and member-focused business sense at the gym. Amber loves a good mud run with electric shock and is currently training to become an Iron Maiden (strict press, pullup and pistol squat with a 53# kettlebell).

In her free time, Amber hikes and explores Denver with her 3-year-old daughter, who has shown an aptitude for barbell snatch at her early age, and Amber won’t be discouraging any affinity her daughter shows for Crossfit or the Games.