Mickey started CrossFit in February of 2013 after being on an exhaustive regimen of medications from fracturing his spine in two places in a helicopter crash. He had gained roughly 50 lbs. from lack of exercise, and no longer recognized the competitive gymnast that he had been in high school. Once he recovered from his first WOD (half-Cindy), he was hooked and conned his wife, Amy, into attending the next onboarding session. Over the next six months, the two of them lost almost 100 lbs. and fell in love with the CrossFit methodology. Micky began coaching at CrossFit Kaiserslautern in Germany in 2014, and completed his CF-L1 almost exactly two years after his first WOD. Micky has coached and conducted the Fundamentals Course in Germany, Arizona, and Texas as his military career moved him to new locations. Having recently retired from military service, Micky and Amy selected the Denver area to settle down with their daughter. He has extensive experience in gymnastics instruction and coaching Olympic weightlifting.