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Daily W.O.D.

The programming at Redstone CrossFit focuses on short, intense workouts performed at maximum effort. Typical workouts (WODs) last between 6-14 minutes. We combine olympic lifts, body weight movements, metabolic activities and pure strength sessions in order to prevent the body from adapting to one modality. However, true to the constantly varied philosophy, we also program longer workouts once or twice per week.

Hero WOD Friday

An example of some of our longer duration workouts are Hero WOD Fridays. To honor fallen veterans, Redstone CrossFit will perform a Hero WOD every Friday. These are typically longer duration and heavier weight than seen in your typical workout. Performing a Hero WOD every week is RCF’s way to show respect to our veterans who have died in the line of service. It is also a great way to kick off the weekend.