Before I started CrossFit (under a year ago), I read about it online and watched some YouTube videos. What stood out to me in those articles and movies was the community feel of CrossFit and how everyone supports each other through the workouts (which honestly looked pretty intense to me – I’ve enjoyed running for years but couldn’t have ever told you the difference between an MU, an EMOM, and a T2B!)

The first box I joined didn’t have a hint of supportive community components at all so I figured, maybe that stuff I saw online was just some crazy CF propaganda to get people to try it. But after a few too many months of almost no progress and not feeling supported and after talking to some out-of-town friends who are avid CF’ers, I decided to give CF a go, and I am much happier now.

Turns out, that whole community thing that I saw on the Internet isn’t just propaganda – it’s real! After only about a month at this gym, I feel like I belong to a community of people who are genuinely friendly and, most importantly, respect each others’ CrossFit journey. There isn’t a hard line drawn between beginners and those who are more advanced – everyone is always working to improve at something. And I really appreciate that. (Most of them can have better conversations than me at 5am, but that’s a different issue.) The coaches very, very patient and helpful and the classes are kept very small, which I also appreciate.